Reasons to Switch from Windows to Mac and Why Hackintosh is Better

Microsoft, with its Windows OS, has always been a giant in the industry, but now it has to face strong competition in the market with the re-emergence of Apple’s Mac OS.

While Microsoft’s Windows is still the most widely used computer system in the world, there are some good rational reasons why you should switch from Windows to Mac, as briefly outlined below.

Preloaded Software:


many people think that Microsoft Office actually comes with their new computer and as an integrated part of
Windows operating system, but it is not.

You have to purchase the office suite and other software separately. The actual software that comes with Windows PC is mostly bloatware installed by the company that made your PC. On the other hand, Mac OS comes to you with a bundle of useful software for example iLife that allows you to do video or photo editing, use some email clients, and access to iWork.

One of the best things about Mac is that the software is built into the hardware so you don’t need to get confused about driver choices and the proper updates.

Good Value


Windows PC is considerably less expensive than Mac; this is true, but you actually get what you pay for. There are reasons why certain devices are more expensive than others for example build quality, materials, durability, and so on. This is exactly why Apple’s computers are not cheap.

Some people don’t know that Apple has optimized hardware and software to take full advantage of the Macs. As a result, you get a computer that runs flawlessly. Depreciation is another thing to put into the account.

Due to its high-quality materials and durability, Mac computers do not suffer from a great deal of depreciation even after years of everyday usage.


The Advantage of Hackintosh


If the price is the most important consideration before you purchase a computer, Mac is probably not the first choice but there is a way around for, Hackintosh; it is like a clone of Apple’s Macintosh that you can run on non-Apple computers. Although this is not the official operating system invented by Apple, it has excellent advantages over its official counterpart.




the least expensive Mac Pro is probably around $2000 or more. It becomes such a huge wall preventing people from using Apple’s computer. Because Hackintosh does not require Apple’s computer to run properly, you can even assemble your own computer and install this operating system.

The total cost will not be more expensive than purchasing a ready-made Apple’s Mac computer.


As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to run Hackintosh on Apple Computer. In fact, you can install it on PCs including laptops.

Instead of getting stuck with Apple’s configuration, you can assemble a computer that meets your own requirement for specific purpose such as for gaming, video editing, or simply entertainment



Well MacOS is free and its free forever, you can buy a MacBook Air for $899 so prices are becoming cheap, Mac OS X will outperform windows if both Computers contains same hardware

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