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What is a Hackintosh?

Hackintosh is running macOS in hardware not manufactured by Apple. As a little hacking involves the name derived as Hackintosh.

Why Hackintosh?
Mac OS x is a great, fastest and safest operating system with any features and facilities but it runs on macintoshes, the real apple hardware, but apple macintosh are really cost a lot, not everyone could afford to buy it.

but for the half of the price of Macintosh, you can make a Hackintosh system and you can upgrade it too in the near future. Hackintosh actually saves your money and its the cheapest solution for mac os x.

 Comparison Between Genuine Mac & Hackintosh






Is Hackintosh legal?
Sort of. Installing OS X on non Apple hardware is a violation of the EULA (End User License Agreement), but the general rule is unless you’re a business selling hackintoshes, Apple doesn’t care. Apple knows we exist and have had plenty of opportunities to stop us, but they have never so much as tried.

Are Hackintoshes Stable?
It depends on the machine, and the install. If you’ve built a machine specifically for hackintoshing, generally you can get it to function as good as a real mac. On the other hand, hackintoshes are completely unsupported. You’ll have to be your own tech support, but don’t be nervous; there are a ton of great online resources and you can learn pretty much everything you need by reading.

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Can my Computer Run OS X?
That depends. The main qualifier is that your machine has an Intel processor. You can run on AMD, but it’s generally more trouble than it’s worth. The easiest machines to install on are ones with UEFI bios, especially Gigabyte boards. For the graphics card, Nvidia used to be easier to get working, but with the introduction of the 7xx series cards from Nvidia and the R9 2XX cards from AMD, the cards now work OOB(out of the box) and there is much less hassle required to get good graphics functionality.
To see if others have had success with your hardware check out: the OSX86 wiki.


Want to Install Hackintosh Where do I start?
You can start with Niresh Distros they are the easy way of Installing Mac OS X on PC

What is Niresh distro?
Niresh Distro is a Custom made bootable installation media (ISO/USB Bootable) of Mac OS X.

What is the advantages of Niresh distro?
With Niresh distro you can directly install yosemite, mavericks, mountain lion and lion without installing snow leopard
supports wide range of hardware (even the old ones) and it can auto detect and install required audio, network drivers
niresh distro can install bootloader on the fly (chameleon standard and efi | clover standard, efi and uefi)
niresh distro can be installed in any computer with any processors (amd, intel ivy, haswell) (most 64bit processors are supported)
niresh distros can be upgraded to further/future versions of mac os x

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Is Niresh Distro Safe?
Yes, Its safe and clean from malwares that’s the reason its trusted by thousands of users.
there are some alternate distros available to install mavericks but they cant be trusted they may have malware or some spy apps.

Where can i download Niresh distro?
You can download it from hackintosh zone website but you may have to create an account first in order to download it

You can view the latest OS X Installation Guide for Niresh Distro in this website.


Hackintosh 5 Years ago

What is Boot-Loader?
Every operating system needs a bootloader which loads the operating system.
apple has its own bootloader but that bootloader will not work with non-apple computers
so a special bootloader is needed to boot mac os x in non apple hardware
Those Bootloaders are

  • Chameleon (Most Famous and Stable Boot-loader)
  • Clover (Advanced Boot-loader)

How Can i Install Mac OS X in Non Apple Computer (Hackintosh)?

  • Retail Method
  • Distro Method

What is Retail Installation Method of Mac OS X?
Snow leopard and previous versions of mac os x were released in dvd so if you want to install mac os x in your hackintosh first boot with a boot-cd (with chameleon bootloader) it will be loader to ram, then eject and insert mac os x installation disk, then you can boot from the dvd and install mac os x this method was called retail os x installation

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What happened to retail installation method?
After the release of mac os x lion apple started to distribute mac os x via mac appstore.
apple stopped physical media like dvd and usb keys
(usb key for lion was the last physical media os x installer released)
even though its possible to create a bootable mac os x installer but you need to have a computer with mac os x.
so if you want to install mavericks you must begin from installing snow leopard then upgrade to mavericks.

this method is too long and when ever a new processor released a custom kernel was needed by snow leopard so the boot-cd has to be upgraded with new kernel this method became harder and unstable.

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