What is a Hackintosh Computer

What is a Hackintosh Computer


Hackintosh is running macOS on a computer that was not manufactured by Apple Inc.
macOS can only be installed on Genuine Macs but with a little Hacking it can be made to run on Pcs

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Hackintosh Computer is running macOS in hardware not manufactured by Apple. As a little hacking involves the name derived as Hackintosh.

Why Hackintosh?
macOS is a great, fastest and safest operating system with many features and facilities but it runs on Macintoshes, the real apple hardware, but apple macintosh are expensive, not everyone could afford to buy it.

but for the half of the price of Macintosh, you can make a Hackintosh system and you can upgrade it too in the near future. Hackintosh actually saves your money and its the cheapest solution for mac os x.

 Comparison Between Genuine Mac & Hackintosh






Is Hackintosh legal?
Sort of. Installing OS X on non-Apple hardware is a violation of the EULA (End User License Agreement), but the general rule is unless you’re a business selling Hackintoshes, Apple doesn’t care.

Apple knows we exist and have had plenty of opportunities to stop us, but they have never so much as tried.

Is Hackintosh Stable?
It depends on the machine and the install. When you build a machine for running macOS, generally you can get it to function as good as a real mac. but Hackintoshes are completely unsupported. You’ll have to be your own tech support, but don’t be nervous; there are a ton of great online resources and you can learn pretty much everything you need from reading.

Can my Computer Run OS X?
That depends. The main qualifier is that your machine has an Intel processor. You can run on AMD, but it’s generally more trouble than it’s worth. The easiest machines to install on are ones with UEFI bios, especially Gigabyte boards. For the graphics card, Nvidia used to be easier to get working, but with the introduction of the 7xx series cards from Nvidia and the R9 2XX cards from AMD, the cards now work OOB(out of the box) and there is much less hassle required to get good graphics functionality.
To see if others have had success with your hardware check out: the OSX86 wiki.


Want to Install Hackintosh Where do I start?


Hackintosh Guides:


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