Applications to install in a Fresh Hackintosh

After installing Hackintosh, you might want to install a few Applications for your Hackintosh to tweak OS X.

These applications may help with enhancing functionality of your Hackintosh, These App list include NTFS Support for macOS.

1 Clover Configurator

Clover Configurator

Clover has became the default boot loader for Hackintoshes, Clover Configurator is a great app to build, edit and generate Config.plist for Clover bootloader, it comes with a lot of features and updates.

2 KCPM Utility Pro

KCPM Utility Pro

Installing Kexts, Repairing Permissions, Rebuilding Caches, Configuring System Integrity Protection (SIP), Setting Up BooterConfig and More.

3 Kext Wizard

Kext Wizard

Kext wizard is a simple but efficient application to Install KEXTS. In macOS KEXTS are known as Kernel Extensions.

4 Kext Utility

Kext Utility

Kext Utility is a Simple Application to Install Kexts and Repair Permissions to Kexts.

5 NTFS for macOS

NTFS for macOS

This is a simple method that can be used with macOS to gain read/write access to Windows NTFS on macOS.

6 Desktop Utility

Desktop Utility

Desktop Utility is a very useful Application to deal with hidden files, easily Show Hide, Hidden files, Desktop and Your ~/Library folder and also you can hide your Desktop icons too.

7 Mount EFI

Mount EFI

Mount EFI uses low resource, memory efficient and very easy to use application to mount EFI partitions.

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