Applications to install in a Fresh Hackintosh

After installing Hackintosh, you might want to install a few Applications for your Hackintosh to tweak OS X.

These applications may help with enhancing functionality of your Hackintosh, These App list include NTFS Support for macOS.

1 Clover Configurator

Clover Configurator

Clover has became the default boot loader for Hackintoshes, Clover Configurator is a great app to build, edit and generate Config.plist for Clover bootloader, it comes with a lot of features and updates.

2 KCPM Utility Pro

KCPM Utility Pro

Installing Kexts, Repairing Permissions, Rebuilding Caches, Configuring System Integrity Protection (SIP), Setting Up BooterConfig and More.

3 Kext Wizard

Kext Wizard

Kext wizard is a simple but efficient application to Install KEXTS. In macOS KEXTS are known as Kernel Extensions.

4 Kext Utility

Kext Utility

Kext Utility is a Simple Application to Install Kexts and Repair Permissions to Kexts.

5 NTFS for macOS

NTFS for macOS

This is a simple method that can be used with macOS to gain read/write access to Windows NTFS on macOS.

6 Desktop Utility

Desktop Utility

Desktop Utility is a very useful Application to deal with hidden files, easily Show Hide, Hidden files, Desktop and Your ~/Library folder and also you can hide your Desktop icons too.

7 Mount EFI

Mount EFI

Mount EFI uses low resource, memory efficient and very easy to use application to mount EFI partitions.

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  1. David says

    Add hackintool is a great application to have

  2. David says

    Add gatekeeper toggler
    Gatekeeper Toggler is an app to help you easily disable Gatekeeper or give macOS Catalina write access to the file system.
    It even has a launch on startup feature and a menubar feature for ease of access.
    New Interface and all new design
    A new menu bar Feature for easy access.
    A new feature for enabling Read/Write Access for macOS Catalina

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