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Applications to install in a Fresh Hackintosh

After installing Hackintosh, you might want to install few Applications for your Hackintosh to tweak OS X.

macOS got many built in apps like Pages (equivalent to word), Numbers (equivalent to excel), Keynote(equivalent to PowerPoint) these apps are free (really free if you own a mac) these may be not available for Hackintosh users, here are some apps to Install and not to Install

MacKeeper Definitely never install this shit, MacKeeper is a spam, adware app that you should never install, MacKeeper is a heavily advertised app all over the internet, when you try to download (just download) MacKeeper, its distributed as a DMG Installer Package, that package needs an active internet connection to Install, so they can add new launch daemons to load spammy proxy apps every time you login, uninstalling MacKeeper is not easy
iDoctorapp is also a spammy app I didn’t find any useful tweaks to use
Clean My Mac Instead which has many built in tweaks, which are very useful

  1. LittleSnitch, is an awesome application cause it monitors all apps that are using your internet connection you can deny and allow internet access to apps if you wish to, this saves a lot of bandwidth and you can track apps that might be spying you
  2. MBBench, is an application to monitor real time speed of Your disk or Flash drive (SSD, HDD Speed)
  3. Click to Flash, is a safari extension that you would probably want to Install, if you consider about your internet bandwidth cause many flash videos including Youtube starts to Play automatically without user consent making you lose your precious bandwidth, videos will not play until you click it to, but this doesn’t work after Yosemite.
  4. Desktop Utility, very useful, easily Show Hide, Hidden files, Desktop and Your ~/Library folder
  5. Mplayer OS X Extended, usually i prefer this app to Play videos on Mac Instead of VLC, QuickTime doesn’t support MKV, AVI Files
  6. HackStore, is an additional App to Install Free Apps, that are not listed in Mac Appstore
  7. Flux, well Macs doesn’t support Night-mode(Until Sierra), save your eyes for later Install Flux Must needed application
  8. The UnArchiver, because Archive Utility is not enough, not enough to extract RAR files
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