Clover EFI Drivers Explained

Since the introduction of UEFI BIOS, All Hackintosh users have switched to Clover boot-loader from Chameleon. Clover has most advanced options and on-the-fly patching support. It has also some built-in drivers to enhance its functionality, They are know as EFI Drivers.

Clover EFI boot loader have several EFI Drivers, These drivers can be found in the following folders.

  • /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64
  • /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI

Some un-used drivers can be found in /EFI/CLOVER/drivers-Off folder but most users have no idea what these drivers do & why do they have them in their EFI Folder, Here i have listed all the drivers & details about Clover EFI Drivers.

1 SMCHelper

SMCHelper-64.efi Restore SMC Key left in NVRAM by FakeSMC kext. SMCHelper-64.efi is not compatible with VirtualSMC.efi and must be removed.

2 ApfsDriverLoader

ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi Supports APFS File System driver from Container for macOS High Sierra and Later. It helps to boot macOS from an APFS volume by loading current APFS.efi from /usr/standalone/i386/ folder.

3 EmuVariableUefi

EmuVariableUefi-64.efi is a 64bit driver for support of NVRAM variables needed by macOS. Mostly UEFI boot uses hardware NVRAM but in some rare cases this driver is needed. Use it only if you have problem without it.

4 CsmVideoDxe

CsmVideoDxe-64.efi is a 64bit video driver for Clover GUI allowing to choose more resolutions. It is based on CSM Module in BIOS and requires CSM to be enabled in BIOS. Note: On some hardware, This may cause clover to fail to start. It may also be a contributing factor of a kernel panic when waking from sleep. Use with precaution.

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5 PartitionDxe

PartitionDxe-64.efi 64bit driver to support non usual partition maps such as: hybrid GPT/MBR or Apple Partition Map.


VBoxHfs-64.efi is an open source file system driver for HFS+ file system.

7 HFSPlus

HFSPlus.efi is file system driver for HFS+ file system used by Apple.


Fat.efi is FAT file system driver.

9 NvmExpressDxe

NvmExpressDxe-64.efi is driver for NVM Express Devices support.

10 HashServiceFix

HashServiceFix-64.efi Fix hash support if absent in native UEFI BIOS.

11 AudioDXE

AudioDxe-64.efi HDA Driver to play start up chime / start up sound at boot time.

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