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Since The Release of OS X Lion, There is no way to direct download Mac OS X aka macOS, all you can do is download OS X via AppStore but in many situation direct download of AppStore Image Comes in Handy in situation like downloading from Windows or if your mac is without internet connection.
If you’re trying to download macOS without Appstore, You can find the links below
If the links are not working try switching your browser.

If the downloads doesn’t work or redirects to the same page, Use Chrome Browser to Download, Some browser may have issues.

Download Offered by Hackintosh.Computer
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  • Direct Download macOS Lion

    macOS Lion Installer

  • Direct Download macOS Mountain Lion Download

    Mountain Lion Installer

  • Direct Download macOS Mavericks

    Mavericks Installer

  • Direct Download macOS Yosemite

    Yosemite Installer

  • Direct Download EL Capitan
    EL Capitan Download Icon

  • Direct Download macOS Sierra

    Direct download macOS Sierra

  • Download macOS High Sierra

    Direct Download High Sierra

Direct Download OS X Mavericks

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