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Find Audio Kexts for Your Hackintosh * How to Make Sound Work in Hackintosh

When you set up #Hackintosh audio may not work but most of the sound chipset can be tweaked or Hacked to make audio work without any hassle, Most of the methods for achieving Sound output in Hackintosh are listed here, We have also previously covered about Finding WiFi and Ethernet Kexts for Hackintosh

How to Find Hackintosh Internet (Ethernet & WiFi) Drivers + Kexts

This is an incomplete article

These are the methods to enable Audio in Hackintosh

  1. Apple ALC Kext
  2. VooDoo HDA
  3. Clover audio Patching
  4. Chameleon audio Patching
  5. Manual search for kext



AppleALC Kext

AppleALC is an open source KEXT to enable native HD Audio for unsupported codecs

Features of Apple ALC kext

  • Audio support starting from the OS installation
  • Works even after macOS Update, Doesn’t have to patch anything
  • Recovery HD/macOS Installer audio support
  • Automated codec detection
  • Unsupported audio controller enabling
  • Arbitrary kext patching
  • Custom platform/layout injection
  • Works with System Integrity Protection (So you don’t have to disable SIP)

How to install Apple ALC, Simple with the following steps

  • Download latest release of AppleALC.kext
  • AppleALC.kext requires Lilu.kext as dependency which is included in the above package
  • Extract and install the downloaded package
  • If necessary set kext permissions with terminal, Open terminal and run following commands
  • sudo chmod -R 755 /Library/Extensions
  • sudo chown -R root:wheel /Library/Extensions
  • Then reboot your Hackintosh

What if your audio doesn’t work?

Open a Bug report


Voodoo HDA Kext

VoodooHDA has been in development for a long time, It is intended as a replacement for AppleHDA on MacOS with support for a wide range of Intel HDA controllers and codecs.

Features of VoodooHDA

  • Automatic recognition of all HDA codecs
  • Test jacks for auto-switch
  • Control panel for fine tuning
  • Sound treatment includes stereo enhancements
  • Since v2.8 it works with two sound cards

How to install VoodooHDA.kext

  • Download the latest release of VoodooHDA from Sourceforge
  • Open it and install (You may need to disable GateKeeper)
  • Reboot

Sometimes you have to tweak VoodooHDA by editing its Info.plist but before you have to find your device and vendor id, for intel chipset the vendor id is 8086
First, you have to install LSPCI binary then run the following command in terminal to find your device id

sudo lspci -nn | grep 0403

Find device id of Hackintosh audio device

(Your string value to be replaced must be in the format of 0xDeviceidVendorID Example: 0xa1708086)

Info.plist will be located in either



Replace “IOPCIClassMatch” with “IOPCIPrimaryMatch” and replace the string value with your device and vendor id like shown in the example below

Before changing


After changing


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