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Hackintosh High Sierra Vanilla Guide

Install macOS High Sierra on Any Supported PC with MacPwn – Vanilla Guide

Installing macOS High Sierra on a #Hackintosh is really hard, The oldest methods doesn’t work, apple broke the System and making hackintosh even harder.
MacPwn was updated to support High Sierra. Now MacPwn only Support Clover boot-loader in UEFI mode only, it is time to leave Legacy behind. You can install Chameleon manually and try booting from it, but MacPwn doesn’t support officially

What you need to Start Hackintoshing High Sierra?

Make sure macOS Installer name is exactly as “Install macOS 10.13 Beta.app” or “Install macOS High Sierra Beta.app”, make sure to backup app, Sometimes the installer could damage “Install macOS 10.13 Beta.app” or “Install macOS High Sierra Beta.app” as it try to modify files.

Erase your USB as Mac OS Extended under GUID Partition Scheme
Erase USB for Hackintosh High Sierra

Because clover UEFI needs a EFI Partition to become bootable, after erasing open “MacPwn High Sierra Beta”, follow on screen instructions.
Install MacPwn for macOS High Sierra Hackintosh

After making the bootable USB, Reboot and boot the USB that you made.
Select Hackintosh High Sierra Zone in Clover

It will load in verbose mode and it will take time
Hackintosh High Sierra Booting in Verbose Mode

Erase hard disk for Hackintosh High Sierra Installation, format “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” & Partition scheme “GUID”
Erase Hard disk for Hackintosh High Sierra

Install macOS on erased Volume, “Sierra” in the example below, Untick “Upgrade Sierra to APFS”, because APFS support is in beta stage with Clover so APFS format is not recommended.
Select volume to Install macOS High Sierra Hackintosh

Installation will take sometime, for most of the time Installation will complete successfully but sometimes it may show an error which is totally OK, The System will reboot automatically, If it throw an error, reboot manually.
Hackintosh High Sierra Installation Error

Again you have to boot from the Same USB, and select the Volume “Sierra” with text “Boot macOS Install from Sierra”
Reboot and Select Volume Sierra Hackintosh High Sierra
This step has to be repeated Twice or Thrice, Installer will automatically reboot after successful installation.

High Sierra Automatic Restarting After Installation Hackintosh
After successful installation of macOS High Sierra. Setup Basic configuration and User Profile, You’ll be into Desktop of Hackintosh High Sierra.

macOS High Sierra brings new storage, video and graphics technologies to the Mac.

You have to install the Essential kexts and Clover boot-loader to boot from Hard disk.

It is not recommended to use this USB in a real mac. If you have any issues related to MacPwn post it in the forum of MacPwn

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