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Unlike previous Hackintoshes, MacOS Mojave is not going to be easy to Install on PC, Apple officially kicked off a lot of Ancient Macs from its latest Operating System. Most of the old hardware is officially unsupported. But with Niresh Mojave you can easily install Mojave on partially unsupported

Direct Download macOS Mojave Installer

MacOS Mojave was released to the public on September 24th, 2018, You can download Mojave from Hackintosh Computer.

Kexts Explained!

Kexts stands for Kernel Extensions, Kernel is actually the heart of macOS, It is basically the one that gets your

Guide to Install Hackintosh High Sierra on PC

This is the official guide to Install High Sierra Zone on PC. macOS is built for Apple computers, Installing macOS

Find Audio Kexts for Your Hackintosh * How to Make Sound Work in Hackintosh

When you set up #Hackintosh audio may not work, but most of the sound chipset can be tweaked or Hacked to make

Hackintosh High Sierra Vanilla Guide with MacPwn

Installing macOS High Sierra in a Hackintosh is hard, The oldest methods do not work, Apple broke the System and…

Download macOS High Sierra

Apple previewed macOS High Sierra on June 5, 2017, the latest version of the world’s most advanced desktop…

Best Compatible Hackintosh Graphics Cards of 2017 | Supports macOS Sierra

When you choose Hackintosh for production you will need a better graphics card, Here i have listed some of the…

How to Download, Install & Configure nVidia Driver in Hackintosh

What is nVidia Mac Driver or Web Driver? Nvidia Mac driver is an additional macOS driver provided by Nvidia itself…

How to Install Niresh macOS Sierra on PC (Hackintosh Sierra Zone Guide)

This is the official guide to Install Sierra Zone on PC. macOS is built for Apple computers, Installing macOS on PC…

How to Repair Permissions on macOS Sierra

Since the release of OS X EL Capitan, Apple removed the option to repair file permissions as they do not need it…

Download macOS Sierra

On September 20, 2016, Apple announced that macOS Sierra , the latest major release of the world’s most advanced

How to Vanilla Install Sierra on Hackintosh with MacPwn

Sierra technically 10.12 version of mac family can be installed in Hackintosh with MacPwnA Hackintosh is a PC

How to Force Empty Trash on macOS

No command is working. No keyboard shortcut helps. Have you tried to solve the typical situations like ‘file in

Applications to install in a Fresh Hackintosh

After installing Hackintosh, you might want to install a few Applications for your Hackintosh to tweak OS X.

NTFS for Hackintosh (Open Source)

How to Write on an NTFS Partition in macOS The NTFS file system is designed to work with Windows but In Mac

Hackintosh BIOS Settings

When starting to install or configure a Hackintosh, you must begin with Bios configuration, without proper Bios

Backing up and Restoring your Hackintosh

Updating a Hackintosh always has the potential for things to go wrong, so it is always recommended to have a

Hackintosh Terms and Definitions

When starting out Hackintoshing, there can be a lot of daunting terms and jargon. In this section, I will attempt

Building a Hackintosh

If you are looking to build a Hackintosh and have never built a computer before, chances are you have a lot of

How to Vanilla Install EL Capitan on Hackintosh with MacPwn

This guide explains how to install OS X EL Capitan on Hackintosh with MacPwn and Clover or Chameleon bootloader,…

How to Make a Standalone OSX EL Capitan Installer with MacPwn Legacy

Before the release of OS X Lion, Mac users could Fresh Install Mac OS X without a second reboot directly booting…

How to Repair Permissions on OS X EL Capitan

Repairing Permissions was a simple procedure that Mac users can complete using the Disk Utility app or through the…

Download macOS

Apple stopped providing Mac OS X Installer DVDs as they ditched DVD Rom for MacBooks, iMacs & MacPros. Apple

How to Force Enable TRIM in macOS

A Trim command which allows an operating system to inform a solid-state drive (SSD) which blocks of data are no…

How to Find Hackintosh Internet (Ethernet & WiFi) Drivers + Kexts

Unless you are extremely lucky, you will need a kext to enable your internet. Most ethernet built into

Guide to Debugging Your Hackintosh

Kernel Panics Kernel panics are terrifying errors where the kernel doesn't hang at boot, it panics. This

Download OS X EL Capitan

On September 29, 2015, Apple announced that OS X® El Capitan, the latest major release of the world’s most advanced…

Enabling Bluetooth Handoff in A Hackintosh

What is Bluetooth Handoff? Bluetooth Handoff is a feature of OS X Yosemite 10.10 that allows you to pick up what…

How to fix iMessage issues, and why it occur in the first place

Why the issue occurs One very common issue with Hackintoshes is an inability to log in to iMessage, iCloud, ect. …

Supported Hackintosh Bluetooth Adapters for Desktops & Laptops

Finding a compatible bluetooth adapter for your hackintosh can be rather complicated. This guide should help you…

What is UEFI and how it is useful for Hackintoshing

There are two basic methods of installing a bootloader: BIOS and UEFI. This article will explain them both, as well…

Hackintoshing a Laptop Basic Informations

Why you shouldn’t Hackintosh a laptop… One exceeding common question we get in the Hackintosh community is

Hackintosh Supported WiFi Adapters for Desktops & Laptops

OS X is compatible with a select few wifi chips, so you will most likely have to buy a new wifi adapter or WiFi USB…

What is Ozmosis, a firmware based Bootloader…

Generally when your machine boots, the firmware (UEFI or BIOS) looks to the hard drive to trigger the boot-loader.…

Fix deny mach-lookup Sandbox error with Clover Niresh Yosemite

Upgrading Niresh Yosemite to 10.10.3 may cause a problem with clover boot-loader this simple guide will help you…

Choosing a Processors for Your Hackintosh – Intel or AMD

There are other computer processor brands outside of Intel and AMD indeed, but it good to narrow down the

Reasons to Switch from Windows to Mac and Why Hackintosh is Better

Microsoft, with its Windows OS, has always been a giant in the industry, but now it has to face strong competition

Yosemite Vanilla Installation Instruction with MacPwn

This article will show you how to install OS X Yosemite with the help of MacPwn a Free Download!This MacPwn guide

BootCacheControl Unable to open BootCache.playlist Fix

Solving the Error BootCacheControl Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist: 2 no such file or directory…

How to fix Hackintosh Grey/Black/White Screen & No Signal Problem in…

This often happens to Hackintosh beginners because of incompatible Graphics card / Graphics chipset After…

How to Fix Still Waiting for Root Device in Hackintosh

You may have faced this error while Installing Mac OS X or After a Successful Installation may be in Hackintosh…

Fix DSMOS has arrived and waiting for DSMOS Hackintosh

Running Mac OS X on PC is tricky so you may end up in some rare problems like "Waiting for DSMOS" or "DSMOS has…

Fix FakeSMC failed to initialize SMC device Error

This is a rare error which occurs in Hackintosh computers,  this guide explains how to fix the issue FakeSMC failed…

How to Install Niresh Yosemite (Yosemite Zone) on Your PC

If you're interested in running Mac OS X, but you don't want to pay ridiculous prices for a normal Mac, then a…

Installing Hackintosh Yosemite in Unsupported Intel Processors and Most AMD…

Installing Yosemite is not easy as Mavericks because Apple changed many core features & kexts so there are many…

Install Hackintosh Mavericks on Your PC AKA Niresh Mavericks

Installing Mac OS X on PC is not easy as installing windows or linux, because mac os x are made only to be…

Fix Kernel panic by Apple Intel CPU Power Management kext

This article is about fixing a common issue in Hackintosh computers  Kernel panic by…

Hackintosh Explained

What is a Hackintosh? Hackintosh is running macOS in hardware not manufactured by Apple. As a little hacking

Download OS X Yosemite

Apple announced OS X Yosemite on June 2, 2014, a powerful new version of OS X redesigned and refined with a fresh,

Download OS X Mavericks

On October 22, 2013 announced that OS X Mavericks, the 10th major release of the world’s most advanced desktop…

Direct Download OS X Mountain Lion Installer

Apple today (July 25, 2012) announced that OS X Mountain Lion, the ninth major release of the world’s most

Download Mac OS X Lion

Apple released Mac OS X Lion on July 20, 2011, the eighth major release of the world’s most advanced

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Free NTFS Driver for macOS

NTFS (NT File System) is used in Windows Operating System, Macs started using APFS file system since macOS Sierra.

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